Exothermic welding effectively solves the problem of increasing welding area and not encountering excessive local resistance during the construction of the common grounding grid. The excellent welding effect of the copper clad steel grounding rod can reduce the resistance in a short time and prolong the life of the grounding system to the greatest extent.

Its main advantages include the following aspects:

1.High current load capacity

The current carrying capacity of the welding joint is the same as that of the conductor, and it has good conductivity. The change of DC resistance ratio before and after welding is close to zero. This is incomparable with any traditional connection mode.

2.Good mechanical properties

Because it is a molten joint, the joint and the conductor are molecule bonded, and it is a permanent joint.

3.Impulse Resistance Stability

Experiments show that the conductor melts before the joint under the impact of short time and high current, so it will not receive the damage of surge current.

4.Strong corrosion resistance

Because it is a melt joint, no contact shows that there is no residual stress, and the joint is covered by pure copper, thus greatly enhancing the corrosion resistance of conductors.

5.Free regulation of reaction temperature

No external energy, no special equipment, no professional operators, indoor and outdoor can be operated, and complete the whole connection process in a short time.

6.Simple and safe connection

According to the metal characteristics of the welded conductor, different reaction temperatures can be arranged to make the welded joints firmer and more perfect.