1.Unique manufacturing process: The first horizontal continuous casting process in China is adopted to realize metallurgical welding between copper and steel. It can be drawn arbitrarily like a single metal without disjointing, warping and cracking.

2. Superior anticorrosive properties: copper clad steel earth rod composite interface is welded at high temperature, without residue, and there will be no corrosion on the interface; the surface copper layer is thicker and has strong corrosion resistance. It has a long service life (more than 30 years) and reduces the labor intensity of maintenance.

3. Electrical performance is better: Surface copper material has excellent conductivity, which makes its resistance far lower than that of conventional materials.

4. Wide practicability: copper clad steel earth rod is suitable for grounding construction under different soil moisture, temperature, PH value, and resistivity.

5.The connection is safe and reliable: using special connection pipe or hot melt welding, the joint is firm and stable.

6.Installation is convenient and fast: complete accessories, convenient installation, can effectively improve the construction speed.

7. Increase the grounding depth: Special connection transmission mode can go deep into 35 meters underground to meet the requirements of low resistance value on special occasions.

8. Low cost of construction: Compared with the traditional construction method of pure copper grounding rod and grounding belt, the cost of copper clad steel earth rod has been greatly reduced.