Brief Introduction of Graphite Cable Groundwire

Graphite cable ground wire meets the technical requirements of "Technical Conditions for Composite Grounding Body" (GB/T 21698-2008). It is made of a new type of non-metallic conductive material. It has high electrical conductivity, stable performance, no degradation in soil, no corrosive ions, long service life, safety and environmental protection, and high tensile strength.

Graphite cable ground wire is equivalent to increasing the contact area between ground wire and soil, compared with common steel bar ground wire and other conventional ground wire. Under the same fault current, the soft graphite grounding electrode can lead the fault current into the earth more quickly. In addition, the graphite cable ground wire is installed on the grounding body and distributed in multi-channel. In the Multi-lightning area, the graphite cable ground wire has a good effect of reducing the large impact current and can be widely used in occasions where it is difficult to obtain low resistance due to the high soil resistivity.

Brief Introduction of Graphite Cable Groundwire Software Special Module and Absorption Grounding Module

Graphite cable ground wire can be used as a module when its diameter is more than 38mm. Generally, we use YT-R38 and YT-R60, and the length is 1m or 2.5m. At this time, they are called special software modules. The module made of graphite cable ground wire as the core and pressed by high conductivity graphite is called absorption grounding module. Absorption grounding module is a new type of non-metallic conductive material with stable performance, easy to use, no welding, low resistivity, high and low-temperature resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high impact current resistance, and material properties unchanged. It is widely used in line tower foundation grounding and can achieve good results in transmission line grounding engineering.