(1) High conductivity

In order to achieve good resistance reduction effect, first of all, we need low resistivity of the material itself - the resistivity of graphite cable ground wire is 0.0004Ω·m. Graphite cable ground wire is made of non-metallic conductive materials. It relies on the dense electronic connection of conductive materials. It has excellent conductivity and is not affected by moisture. This kind of soft graphite grounding electrode based on electronic conductivity mechanism is especially suitable for arid, rainless mountain areas and high soil resistivity areas. Even if water disperses, the resistivity remains low, so as to achieve good resistance reduction effect.

(2) Excellent anticorrosion performance

Graphite cable ground wire bulk material has stable physical and chemical properties, making it not easily affected by natural corrosion in soil, so it has good corrosion resistance. At the same time, in the production process of graphite cable ground wire body, we cooperate with a variety of conductive and anti-corrosion means and processes to ensure the anti-corrosion performance of the module.

(3) Long-term effectiveness

Graphite cable ground wire is mainly made of non-metallic conductive carbon materials. It is non-degradable, non-drainage and not affected by rainwater scouring in soil. At the same time, the soft graphite grounding electrode also contains glass fiber filament with increased strength, which has stable material properties and long service life.

(4) Environmental protection

Graphite cable ground wire is non-toxic and pollution-free. It does not produce other harmful substances, and has no impact on water resources and vegetation, and is safe and environmentally friendly.

(5) Other characteristics

Graphite cable ground wire is acid and alkali resistant, high and low temperature resistant, high impact current resistant, stable resistance and high tensile strength.