copper clad steel earth rod is developed on the basis of drawing lessons from foreign technology, using a horizontal continuous casting process for production. It overcomes the defects of poor bonding force existing in electroplating method and casing coating method and has the advantages of the thick copper layer, low resistance value, strong corrosion resistance, high strength, convenient installation and good electrical connection performance.

The structure of copper clad steel earth rod consists of three parts.

(1)Main rod: Grounding rod is made of high-quality cold-drawn steel and copper (thickness is 0.3-0.5MM, the copper content is 99.9%) is externally cast with special equipment to ensure its excellent electrical conductivity and mechanical strength. The product has excellent anti-corrosion performance.

(2)Connecting pipe: Copper connecting pipe can be used between rod and rod, which has the best anticorrosive effect. The rod is in close contact with the rod. The driving force acts directly on the grounding rod when the grounding rod is driven underground or when the driving drill is used to drill underground. It is divided into threaded connection and non-threaded connection.

(3)Driving head: It is made of high strength alloy steel, which can ensure that the driving force smoothly penetrates underground. Alloy Tip: Ensure the penetration into the underground under complex geological conditions.

Copper clad steel earth rod is suitable for general environment and special environment of damp, saline-alkali, acidic soil and chemical corrosion medium. Widely used in power plants, substations, transmission line towers, communication base stations, airports, railways, subway stations, various high-rise buildings, microwave relay stations, network rooms, petrochemical plants, oil depots and other places lightning grounding, anti-static grounding, protection grounding, working grounding and so on.