Ground wire function: High-voltage ground wire is used for line and transformer construction. It prevents electrostatic induction shock or misclosure of nearby charged body to ensure safety. Due to poor insulation performance or humid environment, there will be a certain static electricity in their cases of household electrical appliances. In order to avoid accidents, a wire can be connected to the metal shell of the electrical appliances, and the other end of the wire can be connected to the earth. Once the electrical appliances leak, the ground wire will bring static electricity into the earth and release it.

Ground wire is the line directly connecting the earth, also known as the safety loop line. When dangerous, it directly transfers the high voltage to the earth, which is a lifeline.

High-voltage ground wire structure: Portable high-voltage grounding wire consists of insulating lever, conductor clamp, short-circuit line, grounding wire, grounding terminal, confluence clamp and grounding clamp.

High-voltage ground wire manufacturing process: excellent production process - wire clamp, grounding clamp is formed by high-quality aluminum alloy die casting; operating rod is made of epoxy resin color tube, which has good insulation performance, high strength, light weight, bright color and smooth appearance.

Ground soft copper wire is made of multiple strands of high-quality soft copper wire and covered with soft, high-temperature transparent insulation layer, which can prevent wear and tear of grounding copper wire in use. It can meet the fatigue test requirements of copper wire and ensure the safety of operators in operation.