Points for Attention in Design of Tank Grounding System in Gas Station:

1. Oil tanks should be lightning-proof grounding, and grounding points should not be less than two.

2. The buried oil tank should be electrically connected with the process pipeline exposed to the ground and it should be grounded.

3. The information system of gas station should be equipped with armoured cable or wire through steel pipe. Both ends of the metal skin of the distribution cable and the protective steel pipe should be grounded.

4. The joint grounding device of anti-static electricity and Anti-induction lightning should be installed at the beginning, end and branch of oil pipeline laid on the ground or pipe trench, and its grounding resistance should not be greater than 30 Ω.

5. Anti-static grounding device for unloading of petrol tanker should be installed in unloading site of petrol tanker station, and electrostatic grounding instrument should be installed to detect cross-connection and monitor the status of Tank Grounding System.

6. Metal/copperweld ground wire should be used to connect flanges and rubber pipes in explosive dangerous areas. When the connecting bolts of flanges are not less than 5, they can not be spanned in non-corrosive environment.

7. The grounding resistance of anti-static grounding device should not be greater than 100 Ω.

8. Lightning belts (nets) should be used to protect gas stations from direct lightning strikes when buildings such as station buildings and shelters need to be protected.

9. Overvoltage (surge) protectors corresponding to the withstand voltage level of electronic devices should be installed when the head and end of distribution line of gas station information system are connected with electronic devices.

10. 380/220V power supply and distribution system should adopt TN-S system, and both ends of cable metal cover or cable metal protective tube of power supply system should be grounded. Overvoltage (surge) protectors should be installed at the power supply end of the power supply and distribution system in accordance with the voltage withstanding level of the equipment.