Copper-clad Steel Grounding Conductors

Copper-clad copperweld steel grounding material is a new material developed by Ningbo Zhenhai Beisuda Petrochemical Equipment Co.,Ltd. to replace pure copper. Copper-clad copperweld steel grounding conductors has the following advantages:
With high strength
With low price
High corrosion resistance
High electrical conductivity of copper

Applications of CCS Grounding Ground Conductors

In recent years, the copper clad steel grouding earthing conductors has been widely applied to UHV lines, petrochemicals, nuclear power, high-speed rail, especially key projects. Copper-clad steel: A material in which the surface of a steel core is uniformly coated with copper, including copper-clad steel bars (for vertical grounding only), copper-clad steel flat steel, and copper-clad steel wire (including copper-clad steel round wire and copper-clad steel stranded wire).

Beisuda CCS Grounding Conductors Making Process

Copper Clad Steel Grounding Conductors Advantage:

1. It has strong corrosion resistance and will not be disjointed, warped or cracked. The corrosion of the grounding body of the grounding grid is reduced, which improves the overall operational safety of the equipment.

2. Copper-clad steel grounding material - grounding conductor has thick copper layer, good electrical conductivity and stable electrical performance; copper-clad steel ground rod and copper-clad steel round copper layer can reach 0.5mm and above, and copper-clad steel strand conductivity can be 40. %the above.

3. The copper layer and the steel material reach the molecular type combination, and the ground rod will not break when it penetrates the soil;

4. The copper-coated steel round bar is used as the grounding material, which has high efficiency of reducing the resistance. For the design of the high-resistance section, the length of the grounding body is reduced by 1/3, so that the excavation amount of the earthwork is greatly reduced;

5. When copper-coated steel flat steel is used as a horizontal grounding body, the grounding material used is greatly reduced and the cost is saved because the material itself has a large contact area with the ground and a high electrical conductivity.

6. The design uses the exothermic welding process, which is very suitable for the needs of field construction, greatly improving the work efficiency and effectively shortening the construction period.