Copper clad steel earth rod is a kind of bimetallic composite material. It is a new type of grounding material made of copper and steel by an electroplating process. The copper ion with 99.95% purity is evenly adsorbed on the surface of the steel core with low carbon steel as the core through the principle of electrodes. The product has not only the strength of steel, constant resistivity and high magnetic conductivity but also the excellent corrosion resistance of copper.

Copper clad steel earth rod is an excellent combination of conductivity and corrosion resistance through the combination of copper and steel polymer. With the characteristics of a thick copper layer, strong bonding force, low cost, and convenient construction, it is the most ideal grounding material at present. Xinchang Yaoke Electric adopts 6 meters automatic plating production line. Good technology ensures the bonding force of the copper layer and uniform thickness of the copper layer.

Copper clad steel earth rod is mainly used for lightning protection and grounding, which can reduce resistance. When lightning strikes the lightning rod on the roof, the current can be released quickly to achieve lightning protection effect.

Generally speaking, it has a parametric performance:

1. It consists of 99.95% pure copper and Q235 low carbon steel.

2. The product has a firm copper layer and strong corrosion resistance.

3. Tensile strength (> 570N/mm)

4. The grounding rod can be bent 180 degrees without cracks and peeling off the copper layer.

5. The service life can be more than 50 years.