With the continuous development of electronic technology, the functions of electronic devices are becoming more and more powerful, and the density of electronic circuits is also increasing.
As a result, electronic devices are more vulnerable to lightning strikes, and thousands of them are damaged worldwide every year.
Ten thousand electrical equipments were damaged by lightning and caused hundreds of billions of dollars in economic losses. Now, lightning protection technology has become a field of Science and technology , which have been paid more and more attention.

Lightning protection for electronic equipment is the best way to reduce lightning damage to electronic equipment. Installation of electronic equipment. Installation of lightning rods, i.e. lightning grounding wires, will lead lightning to the earth. At the same time, the shell of the equipment will be grounded to make the equipment. The potential of the enclosure is basically the same as that of the earth, so as to reduce the induction charged by the internal circuit of the equipment under the strong electric field and generate displacement current. It can greatly reduce the probability of lightning damage to electronic equipment.

If the outer shell of the electronic equipment is grounded, the electric field inside the outer shell is strong because the difference between the outer shell and the earth is very small.
The degree is basically the same everywhere. Without the potential difference or the potential difference is very small, the electronic circuit in the electronic equipment will not be induced to live, either. No displacement current will be generated; therefore, the electronic devices in the electronic equipment with the shell grounded will not be struck by lightning discharge.