In general, the models of the copper clad steel cable include 16 square, 25 square, 35 square, 50 square, 70 square, 95 square, 120 square, 150 square, 185 square, 240 square and 300 square. The length of a bundle of the copper clad steel cable is normally 100 meters. It has different electric conductivity such as 18%, 20%, 25%, 30% and so on. The conductivity is mainly related to the thickness of the electroplated copper layer, and the thicker the copper layer, the higher the conductivity.

The characteristics of the copper clad steel cable:

1. The technology of Beisuda: Our company adopts the production technology of horizontal continuous casting. It is carried out by heating the electrolytic copper to 1200℃ to form an alloyed plating in the copper junction surface and thus the bimetallic surface is firmly bonded. As a result, the ductile metallurgical fusion between copper and steel is realized (which is so-called the copper bonded steel) and the single complex is formed, which can be drawn as arbitrary as any single drawing metal without any situations like disjointing, warping and cracking happen.

2. Excellent corrosion resistance: There is no residue inside the bimetal and therefore it has a great corrosion resistance. The horizontal continuous casting is conducted by melting at a high temperature and the residue is calcined and then overflows the copper surface without any left in the copper clad steel conductor. Therefore, no corrosion will occur inside.

3. Excellent electrical performance: Because of the oxygen-free copper in the surface layer, it has an excellent electrical performance. And because of the carbon steel which can conduct electricity according to skin effect in the inner layer, it has a great magnetic conductive performance. The resistance is much lower than that of steel, galvanized steel and other conventional materials. The surface layer is oxygen-free copper.

4. High degree of adhesion of the copper layer: Because the surface of copper layer and steel is bonded in molecules, the degree of adhesion is high. When stranded into stranding wires, the copper layer is free from destruction and no disjointing, warping, cracking situations will happen.

5. Low cost: Because its anti-corrosion ability, electrical performance, tensile strength and other properties which are all equal to those of pure copper products, it can directly replace the pure copper conductor. Compared with the pure copper ground conductor, it has a lower price and thus saves a lot of money for projects.

6. Convenient installation and beautiful appearance: The copper clad steel ground product made by the technology of horizontal continuous casting of Beisuda brand is firm in connectors and convenient to use. It can meet the requirement for low resistance in special occasions. The surface of our product is polished and good-looking.