The copper clad steel earth rod grounding system is composed of advanced ceramic alloy compounds. The surface of the electrode is copper alloy to ensure the highest conductivity and longer service life. It is equipped with two kinds of fillers, internal and external. After the slow-release filler is embedded in the conductor, the grounding resistance will gradually decrease, reaching a stable value within half a year to one year, and the process of burying the slow-release filler can last 30 years.

The most effective grounding device can be completed with less material and lower installation cost. The design scheme should be based on the following aspects.

According to the grounding function, it can be divided into

(1)Grounding protection - protecting people and animals from electric shocks

(2) Working grounding - connecting the ground bar with the electronic equipment to achieve equipotential and ensure the normal operation of the equipment

(3) Lightning protection grounding - strong impulse current in the gas reservoir is released to the underground.

Through deep grounding, the minimum grounding bar can be used to obtain the required grounding resistance. If a short grounding rod (6 meters or less) is used to obtain the same resistance value, the number of copper bonded steel earth rod is large and the construction area is large. Obviously, the cost is several times higher.