It is a critical step to well deal with the wire joint of the copper weld ground wire. Think about the situation when a small ants' nest can destroy a thousand-mile-long dam, we cannot neglect any detail.

1.The general description of the construction of the copper weld ground wire:

First, the copper weld ground wire shall be laid in the trench and stay unbent during the installation. Bending for a small angle is prohibited, and if bending is required, the angle shall be kept in the shape of an arc.

Second, when the product is being buried, the wire joint should be installed and fastened first. And then we need to dig a trench of 0.8 meters. After that, fine sands should be used for layerings and compaction.


Third, during the installation, put them all in the trench and straighten, overlap and tie up them. About 0.3m of the vertical part under the rod shall be reserved for round bending.


Fourth, the amount of the usage for the product has nothing to do with the road condition and is only related to the electrical resistivity of the sand.


Fifth, overlapping shall be used for connection, the length of which shall be not less than 5 times of the diameter. A 0.2mm single graphite wire shall be fastened to form a good conductive path.

Sixth, a special connection plate shall be used to make the copper bonded rod.

The bolted locking technology and 304 stainless steel materials should be adopted for the production of the copper weld ground wire joint. The inner part shall be made by hollow-shaped 304 stainless steel belt with the thickness of 1.25mm, while the outer part shall be braids of stainless steel wire. And outside the stainless steel wire is a black-and-yellow heat-shrinkable tube.

Standard parameter values of the copper weld ground wire:

1.The unit of electrical resistivity is Ω.m, standard parameter values: ρ≤1.5×10-5Ω.m.

2.The unit of power frequency current resistance is A, standard parameter values: after a 2000A power frequency current tolerance, △R ≤10% and following resistance≤4m.Ω.

3.Standard parameter values of corrosion resistance, the annual average rate of corrosion of acid and alkali (weight percentage) ≤0.1%.
4 Standard parameter values of tensile strength: after applying a 3kN tension for 12 seconds, △ R ≤10%, and following resistance≤4m.Ω.