The grounding module is an active conductive material, which will increase the density, compressive strength and conductivity under the condition of moisture conservation.

Advantages of ground module:

1. The ground module is designed through mathematical integral design principles; in the case of satisfying humanized volume, weight and conductivity, the effective contact area is maximized. The effective contact area is the most important technical indicator of grounding resistance; the larger the surface area, the better the resistance reduction effect, which shows a non-linear growth.

2. The contact resistance between layers of the ground module, thereby enhancing the affinity with the soil.

3. The compressive strength of the ground module can reach more than 20MPa, and it has anti-extrusion and anti-breaking properties to ensure the integrity of the long-term effect of the stress after transportation, construction and buried in the ground, and then play a very efficient and most stable grounding protection.

4. Ground module The permanent high-conductivity grounding module is made of natural mineral composite materials and 304 stainless steel terminals that are actively connected by high-pressure condensation; because the body is a natural mineral matrix, it is suitable for use in any geological environment; it avoids oxidation, carbonization, weathering, etc. ; At the same time, it is non-corrosive, non-toxic, and non-polluting.

5. Grounding module products are small in size, light in weight, and user-friendly packaging (the outer packaging adopts the new EPE+PE), etc., due to the use of special mechanical high-pressure condensation production technology and the use of new shock-absorbing shrink packaging, which completely solves the problem of high cost and easy damage in transit and transportation.

6. The grounding modular bipolar plates have diversion ripples in orthogonal directions while sealing the edges and confluence. When the main body is impacted by a large current, the orthogonal diversion ripples and the confluence of the sealing edge eliminate the distributed capacitance of the main body, so that the impact current is sufficiently and smoothly released to the earth soil, which avoids the harm of ground potential counterattack.

7. The ground module is very cost-effective. It also has the characteristics of small size, light weight, easy installation and small excavation area, which greatly improves the efficiency of on-site construction personnel, thereby reducing construction costs.