1. What is copper-clad steel strand?

Copper-clad steel strand is a combination of copper and steel, and it generally does not appear disjointed, warped, and cracked. Copper-clad steel strands not only have the strength and toughness of steel, but also have the good electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance of copper.

Copper-clad steel monofilament is a new type of composite material made of low-carbon steel as the core and a special process to cover the surface of the low-carbon steel core with electrolytic copper with a content of 99.9%.

The copper-clad steel strand is manufactured by a special process, with high strength, strong corrosion resistance and long service life. The principle of skin effect, excellent electrical conductivity, and its magnetic permeability are conducive to the diffusion and transmission of electromagnetic fields. Its packaging is also very convenient, with few connection points, convenient transportation, low cost and good grounding effect.

Copper-clad steel strand is convenient and fast: it can be made into a soft state by special heat treatment, with a large length and a large reduction of straight connection points.

Wide Availability: Packed in bundles or reels, fewer connection points, and easy transportation. Safe and reliable: using special connectors or chemical exothermic welding, the joints are firm and stable.

Better electrical performance: the principle of skin effect, excellent electrical conductivity, and its magnetic permeability is conducive to the diffusion and transmission of electromagnetic fields.

Soft structure, large surface volume, good heat dissipation effect: high temperature welding, no residue, no corrosive phenomenon. The surface copper layer is thick (the average thickness is greater than 0.3mm), which has strong corrosion resistance, long service life and maintenance-free.

Copper-clad steel strands are also widely used, and are generally used in industries with high grounding requirements such as power, communications, petrochemicals, and rail transit.

2. Strength and single wire of copper-clad steel strand

Copper-clad steel stranded wire is an electroplated copper wire, which is a connecting wire for electrical engineering equipment management and the development of electronic and electrical companies or other components. The cross section of the conductor can be continuously increased through the twisted wire, and the flexibility is also improved, the loss is reduced, and the power transmission effect is improved.

Stranded wire is composed of multiple single wires, and the defects on the single wire are difficult to concentrate in the same place of the stranded wire, so the performance of the stranded wire is much weaker than that of the single conductor.

When using the same rod, the deformation degree of the small diameter is greater than that of the large diameter, so its strength is also higher. In addition, the strength of the steel wire will decrease after the joint, but the single wire joint in the steel strand must be staggered by a certain distance according to the technical requirements, and the single wire cannot do this.