What is the ground module?

Grounding module is a kind of grounding body with carbon material as the main body. It consists of conductive and stable non-metallic materials, electrolyte, moisture absorbent and anticorrosive metal electrode core. It has many advantages, such as large surface area, good contact with the earth, ion dissipation, moisture retention, easy construction and so on. It is an ideal grounding material to replace the traditional grounding body. The grounding module can be divided into hot-dip galvanized flat steel and copper bars according to the different inner electrode cores, which are suitable for the grounding system of steel and copper materials respectively. Because of the small non-metallic material on the surface of the grounding module, when it is connected with the copper clad ground wire, it will greatly reduce the contact resistance with the ground, together with its moisture retention and hygroscopicity, so that it can fully play its role in reducing resistance in the grounding system.

The working principle of the ground module is as follows:

When the ground module is connected with the protected ground wire, the effective contact area between the metal grounding body and the soil will be greatly increased. Because the grounding module has strong moisture retention, moisture absorption and stable conductivity, the contact resistance between metal grounding body and soil will be greatly reduced, so that the effect of resistance reduction of grounding module is more remarkable.

Types and application of ground module

Grounding module types: plum ground module, cylindrical grounding module, Reichstone grounding module, square grounding module, non-metallic graphite grounding module
1. Power plants, substations, nuclear power stations, hydroelectric power stations, wind power stations, switching stations, high-voltage transmission lines, electrified railways, telecommunications, etc. Mobile communication base station, microwave relay station, ground satellite receiving station, radar station and other working grounding, safe grounding and lightning protection grounding.

2. Work grounding and protection grounding of precious precision instruments, computer room equipment, post and telecommunication programmable control equipment, radio and television equipment, electronic medical equipment, etc.

3. All kinds of high-rise buildings and tall buildings, scenic and ancient buildings, tall Memorial towers and other lightning-proof grounding.

4. Lightning-proof grounding of oil pipeline and oil and gas tank, inflammable and explosive material warehouse.