1. Introduction

A new type of BSD-CGEM chemical and environmental resistance reducer produced by Ningbo Zhenhai Beisuda Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd is a semi-transparent gel composed of polymer absorbent materials, ionic conductive materials, and other composite materials. This product has no toxicity, no smell, no corrosion, and non-pollution, and meets the national soil environmental standards.

2. Characteristics

(1) The resistivity of the product itself is low: its resistivity is as low as about 0.1 Ωm.

(2) Root effect performance: The chemical environmental protection resistance reducer has strong permeability, can produce root effect, increase grounding area, and reduce earth resistance.

(3) Strong corrosion resistance and good stability: the conductivity of the chemical environmental protection resistance reducer is less affected by the environment, is basically not affected by acid, alkali, salt temperature, and humidity, and has good functions of absorbing moisture, moisturizing and anti-freezing.

(4) Its protective effect on the ground conductor is good: the PH value of this product is 7-8, neutral and alkaline, which is very friendly to the supporting grounding metal conductor, and has the functions of blunt protection, corrosion inhibition protection, and covering protection, and effectively prevent aerobic corrosion.

(5) Obvious resistance reduction effect: it can effectively reduce the resistance value of the grounding grid, and the resistance reduction rate can reach 60% - 95%. It can improve the soil resistivity for a long time, and the grounding resistance value is stable.

3. Applied range

This product is applied widely in lightning protection and grounding of electrical equipment in electric power, telecommunications, railway, airport, petrochemical, metallurgy, medical and other industries.

4. Construction methods

(1) During use, open the sealing cover of chemical environmental protection resistance reducer;

(2) Add the matching additives in the barrel and keep stirring until the gel state of jelly.

(3) Immediately pour chemical environmental protection resistance reducer around the grounding conductor;

(4) Backfill high-quality soil on the surface of chemical environmental protection resistance reducer, and then backfill and compact with high-quality soil.

5. Main technical parameters

Order numberItem nameIndex
3Resistance-reducing Ratio60-95%
4PH value7-8
5Corrosion rate of chemical environmental resistance reducing agent to steel grounding body: mm/yearRound steel 0.0028, flat steel 0.0022
6Corrosion rate of chemical environment-friendly resistance reducing agent to galvanized steel grounding body: mm/yearRound steel 0.0020, flat steel 0.0017