Compared with pure copper rod, copper bonded steel earth rod can save copper material, cost, conductivity and hardness. Copper-plated grounding rod is mainly used for lightning protection and grounding, which can reduce resistance. When lightning strikes the lightning rod on the roof, the current can be released quickly to achieve lightning protection effect.

Performance characteristics of copper bonded steel earth rod

1: Using high quality Q235 low carbon steel, the tensile strength is strengthened and the toughness is maintained after large diameter shrinkage cold drawing.
2: The copper layer of the product is firm and corrosion resistant.
3: Bending 180 degree copper layer does not crack and peel
4: Drag reduction effect is obvious
5: Long life: 50 years without corrosion

Structure and material of the grounding copper rod

Main rod: Grounding rod is made of high-quality cold-drawn steel and copper (thickness is 0.3-0.5MM, copper content is 99.9%) is cast outside with special equipment to ensure its excellent electrical conductivity and mechanical strength. The product has excellent anticorrosion performance.
Connecting pipe: Copper connecting pipe can be used between rod and rod, which has the best anticorrosive effect.
Driving head: Made of high strength alloy steel, it can ensure the driving force to enter underground smoothly.

Copper bonded steel earth rod is the grounding pole of copper clad steel and copper foil. Through special technology, copper foil and round steel are only attached together. The general length of grounding electrode (copper clad steel rod) is 2.5m.
The grounding rod mainly plays the role of lightning protection. Used in communications, power, communications, chemical industry, railways, meteorology, military industry, computer room and so on.