For the first use of exothermic welding molds, strictly follow the operation process step by step. The mold after use is in a high temperature state. Wear gloves to prevent burns on the mold handle.

Preparation before use of exothermic welding mold:  

(1) Bake and dry the mold with a heating tool (blow torch or drying oven) before each start of work to remove moisture.

(2) Clean the mold after each use, use a soft brush or other soft objects to avoid damage to the mold. 

(3) Check the closeness of the mold contact surface to prevent the copper liquid from leaking out of the gap during operation. 

(4) The mold clamp is used to open and close the mold. The tightness of the mold clamp has an impact on the welding effect. Please check the mold clamp carefully and make appropriate adjustments before welding. 

(5) The exothermic welding mold is made of graphite, which is relatively fragile and cannot withstand throwing and strong impact. Therefore, welding objects that exceed the size of the mold cannot be forced into the mold, or use hard materials and tools to remove the residue. 

(6) The service life of exothermic welding molds can generally reach more than 50-100 times.

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