• Graphite Ground Wire

    Oxygen-free hot-dip (horizontal continuous casting process) manufacturing, copper metallurgical molecular bonding, surface hot-dip tin, no chemical corrosion and galvanic effect, does not affect cathodic protection.

    1. Graphite Grounding Wire Main Performance Characteristics
    The grounding body is cable-shaped and made of high-carbon graphite wire. The connecting end connected to the tower is made of stainless alloy. This product is a non-metallic conductor, which is resistant to corrosion, rust, stable grounding resistance, and high-current impact without counterattack. No damage, constant resistance, high and low temperature resistance, long service life of 30 years, maintenance-free, safe and reliable. It is free from environmental and climatic conditions, easy to install, no need for electric welding, saves labor and time, saves materials, funds, energy saving, environmental protection, anti-theft, especially suitable for acidic soil, alkaline soil, swamp, hot and humid zone and beach.

    2. Graphite Grounding Wire Main Technical Indicators

    • Solid state resistivity: 0.06 Ω. m
    • Inrush current resistance: (200KA) ΔR% 0
    • Power frequency current tolerance: ΔR% 0
    • High temperature performance: 300 ° C
    • Low temperature performance: -60 ° C
    • Compressive strength: 1200Mpa
    • Tensile strength: 1200Mpa
    • Graphite wire surface Moss hardness: 1-2
    • Annual average corrosion rate of buried surface: 0

  • Graphite Grounding Wire
3. Graphite Grounding Wire Specifications
The cross-sectional area of the cable is 20×20mm, 16×16mm, 4×4mm, 5×5mm, and the length can be processed according to the user's design requirements.

4. Graphite Grounding Wire Amount Calculation:
The amount of this product is calculated according to the amount of galvanized steel with a diameter of 10mm.

5. Installation and construction requirements:
  • According to the design requirements of Party A's drawings during construction.
  • Installation and construction under the technical guidance of the factory.
  • This grounding wire should be installed in the shape of a mouth, and the two joints should be closed.
  • The connection method is lap joint, and the conductive graphite wire is wound and fastened, and the length dimension of the tower connection is 10 times of the diameter of the grounding body.
  • The grounding body ditch should be flat, buried with fine wet soil, layered and compacted.
  • Prevent sharp objects from scratching the graphite cable body, protect the cable from conduction and the leakage layer from damage.
  • Use steel pipe to protect the roadbed.
  • When the product is used in a special section, the connecting body needs to be reinforced.

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