Types of Grounding Electrodes

Copper-clad copperweld steel grounding material is a new material developed by Ningbo Zhenhai Beisuda Petrochemical Equipment Co.,Ltd. to replace pure copper. Copper-clad copperweld steel grounding conductors has the following advantages:
  • With high strength
  • With low price
  • High corrosion resistance
  • High electrical conductivity of copper
  • Copper Bonded Copperweld Ground/Earth Rod Copper Bonded Copperweld Ground/Earth Rod
    The most superior performance of copper-clad flat steel is the increased grounding surface area, which has improved the electrical conductivity of the horizontal grounding body, thus saving grounding ...
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  • Chemical Ground Electrode Chemical Ground Electrode
    Performance characteristics and working principle:1. Chemical ground electrode 2. Existing soil3. Special filler4. Ions diffuse around5. Expand the conductive range of the soilChemical Grounding elec...
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  • CCS Round Wire CCS Round Wire
    0.8 series CCS Round WireOrigin of new material development0.8mm series copper-clad round wire is a new type of material developed by our Company to replace pure copper. Because it has the advantages ...
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  • CCS-Stranded Cable CCS-Stranded Cable
    Copper clad steel stranded wireBrief instructionThe copper-clad strand wire is shaped like a cable, which is made of a plurality of copper-clad single wires. Because of its multi-stranded properties, ...
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  • CCS Flat Bar CCS Flat Bar
    Copper-clad flat steelThe most superior performance of copper-clad fl...
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  • Ground Module Ground Module
    BEST grounding moduleThe low-resistance grounding module is a non-metallic material-based grounding body composed of non-metallic minerals with good conductivity and chemical stability, metal ground r...
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  • Graphite Grounding Wire Graphite Grounding Wire
    Graphite ground wireOxygen-free hot-dip (horizontal continuous casting process) manufacturing, copper metallurgical molecular bonding, surface hot-dip tin, no chemical corrosion and galvanic effect, d...
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  • Zinc-clad Steel Ground Rod (Wire) Zinc-clad Steel Ground Rod (Wire)
    Our zinc-clad steel ground rod, also known as zinc-clad steel ground rod, also known as zinc-based alloy composite ground rod is a new type of grounding product based on China's GB50650-2011 petrochem...
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  • 1
    Copper coated steel rod has strong corrosion resistance and will not come off, warp or crack. The corrosion of the grounding body of the grounding grid is reduced, and the overall operation safety of ...
  • 2
    Copper coated grounding conductor material: the copper clad steel ground wire has a thick copper layer, good conductivity, and stable electrical performance; the copper-clad steel ground rod and coppe...
  • 3
    The copper layer and the steel are molecularly combined, and the grounding rod penetrates the soil without breaking.
  • 4
    Copper clad steel grounding conductor is used as grounding materials and have high efficiency in reducing resistance. In the design of the high resistance section, the length of the grounding body is ...
  • 5
    When copper-clad steel flat steel is used as a horizontal grounding body, since the grounding material itself has a large contact area with the ground and a high conductivity, the grounding material i...
  • 6
    The design adopts exothermic welding technology, which is very suitable for on-site construction needs, greatly improving work efficiency and effectively shortening the construction period.


  • Q. Purpose of grounding system


    Grounding (Earthing) is a system of electrical circuits that are connected to the ground that functions when a leakage current can discharge electricity to the earth.

  • Q. What does the grounding conductor do?

  • Q. What is difference between earthing and grounding?

  • Q. What are different types of grounding?


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