• The main cable wrap is a work in which a galvanized soft steel wire (round or special S-shaped soft steel wire) is tightly wound on the main cable with a certain tension by a special wire wrapping device. However, the welding of adjacent wound steel wires has become one of the difficulties plaguing China's bridge engineering. A series of studies have been carried out in China: 

    1) Brazing. It belongs to gas welding, which uses the high temperature generated by the combustion of combustible gas and oxygen, and the melting tin brass wire + tetraborate nano welding. In order to reduce or eliminate (theoretically) the tension of the wrapped wire, the main cable is clamped by a special clamp, and the welding is performed in the reserved window of the clamp. It is difficult to grasp the welding temperature and time, the success rate is extremely low, and the operability is poor.

    2) Aluminium hot brazing. Japanese technology is costly. Specific operation: Put the crucible containing aluminum powder and copper oxide into a special graphite mold, put it on the wire to be welded to the main cable, and ignite the powder with ignition igniting. The high heat of the aluminum powder will melt and reduce the copper oxide. Copper, the fusion of molten copper is used to stabilize the steel wire. This method is convenient, safe and simplifies the operation process. The single product control is in the hands of Japan. There have been instances in the country where the welding products are out of stock and the work is stopped.
Suspension Bridge Main Cable Welding Capsule development
Chemical solder is a simple, high-efficiency, high-quality metal joining process that uses the chemical reaction heat of a metal compound as a heat source to form a shape in the cavity of a special graphite mold by superheating (reduced) molten metal. , size, weld joints that meet engineering requirements.

The chemical solder was evolved from the aluminum thermal bomb developed by the Germans in World War II. After the Second World War, Japan and other companies developed and improved it for the welding of the main cable of the suspension bridge. Now the main cable wire welding in China is imported, and the main purpose is For Japan, the price is high.


Suspension Bridge Main Cable Welding Capsule process route
3CuO + 2Al -->3Cu + Al2O3 (4865°C) +1152 kj
The material to be welded is melted by the heat of reaction generated by the chemical reaction, and after cooling, a copper alloy is formed.

Advanced and innovative Suspension Bridge Main Cable Welding Capsule
The project relies on chemical reaction to exotherm, and the metal to be welded is melted within 3 seconds. After cooling, it is integrated into a special mold. Since the reaction temperature is as high as 3000 ° C, the common metal such as steel and copper is first melted, and then the geometric joint is solidified as required to achieve the purpose of welding. In addition, it does not require electricity and oxygen, and is especially suitable for operation in extremely difficult environments.

Advanced: Easy on-site operation, no need for power and air supply. Due to the high-temperature melting method, the hidden troubles of the virtual welding and the false welding are solved, and the welding problem of the opposite metal is better solved.

Innovative: This product reliably solves the problem of slag separation during the welding process. After welding, the slag is automatically separated from the welding point. This product utilizes the degassing technology in the melting process. Therefore, the residual porosity in the solder joint is less than 1%. There is no relevant report in China, which is the first.

Suspension Bridge Main Cable Welding Capsule application field
The products can be widely used on the main cable winding wire of the suspension bridge. The famous Zhu-Gang-Ao Bridge, Runyang Bridge, Qingdao Cross-sea Bridge, Ningbo Hangzhou Bay Bridge and Zhoushan Xihoumen Bridge and etc many many suspension bridge all use this welding.

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