1. Excellent performance of copper-clad steel ground rod

The copper-clad steel ground rod can effectively use the low soil resistivity in the deep layer to reduce the ground resistance, and the product life span is more than 50 years. At the same time, it also has high mechanical tensile strength, suitable for deep drilling, and will not break or fall off when driven into the ground.

Flux is a high-tech, high-efficiency modern welding product. It uses the chemical reaction between copper oxide and aluminum to produce liquid high-temperature copper and aluminum oxide residues, and various forms of high-performance metal welding between conductors and conductors are realized in high-temperature graphite molds. The connection between the copper-clad steel ground rod and the grounding wire is better with flux exothermic welding, so that the grounding device is completely under the protection of copper, which can truly become a maintenance-free copper-clad steel ground rod grounding system device, which greatly improves its service life.

Copper-clad steel ground rod is a composite conductor made of two metals, copper and steel, through a special process. This kind of conductor not only has the high strength of steel, excellent elasticity, large thermal resistance and high magnetic permeability, but also has the good electrical conductivity and excellent corrosion resistance of copper.

2. Causes of corrosion of copper-clad steel ground rod device

The main reason is that the corrosion of steel in the soil is mainly electrochemical corrosion. At present, many units in China have carried out research in this area and proposed many anti-corrosion measures.

For example, the main reason for many grounding device expansion accidents inside and outside the power grid is the serious lack of heat capacity of the copper-clad steel grounding rod device. Some ion grounding rods are caused by corrosion, and some are caused by improper design and construction. Hot welding maintenance cannot be quickly cut off, which provides time conditions for accidents.

For welding between different types of conductors, for different specifications, it is necessary to make a special mold for welding. Fix the two ends of the conductor to be welded in the mold, put in the hot melt flux, ignite the ignition powder, the high temperature of the reaction will cause the powder to melt into a liquid, and open the mold after cooling. The method of nano-conductive coating is significantly better than pure hot-dip galvanized steel grounding material in corrosion resistance.