Appearance requirements for welding

1. The appearance of welded joints should be free of defects such as sharp angle, notch and crimping.
2. There is no honeycomb pore in the melt interface.
3. There is no crack in the joint.
4. The welded joint should be firm, free from looseness and void.
5. The welded parts of welded joints are not exposed.

Electrical performance

The resistance on both sides of welded conductor joints (overlap joints) is measured by milliohmmeter to be less than 1m.

Construction steps of hot melt welding

Step 1: Clean the mould, remove the moisture from the mould by heating or by one-time experimental welding, and then put the cleaned wire into the mould.
Step 2: Place the steel plate at the bottom of the die reaction chamber.
Step 3: Pour the solder powder into the reaction chamber and leave some ignition powder on the die lip.
Step 4: Cover the melt cover and ignite the ignition powder towards the die lip with the ignition gun.
Step 5: The reaction is in progress.
Step 6: Open the mould and clean it for the next use.

Matters needing attention

1. Before the construction operation, it is necessary to ensure that the welded parts are free of dirt, and that there are no slag blocks or powders left by the last welding in the melt cavity and mould cavity.
2. Before the construction operation, it is necessary to dry the welded parts and the melting mould with the spray torch (or gas spray lamp) so as to make it as moisture-free as possible.
3. In construction operation, before ignition, the cover of the melt mould must be ensured, and there is no crack in the closed part of the melt mould.
4. In construction operation, before ignition, it is necessary to ensure that the welded joints are located in the center of the cavity.
5. During construction operation, no unrelated personnel shall be allowed to stay within 1.50 meters of the site.
6. During construction operation, no inflammable articles shall be placed within 1-2 meters of the site.
7. Operators must wear working gloves with certain thermal insulation effect.
8. Operators shall not face the operation and construction at the opening of the molten mould.
9. When igniting, once the ignition powder is ignited, the operator must immediately leave the melting die at least 1.50 meters.
10. When the reaction of hot flux is over, no one may directly contact the molten mould and the welded parts.
11. When the reaction of hot flux is finished, the welded part and the melting die should be cooled for 10-20 seconds. The steel wire pliers (or similar tools) should be used to remove the welded parts from the melting die.
12. Insulation treatment of welded parts must be carried out after the conductor is completely cooled.
13. Special attention should be paid to the protection of insulating layer in hot-melt welding of insulating cables. The protection method is to wrap the insulating part outside the insulating layer of the hot-melt welding cables with a twisted wet towel, and the wet towel can be uncovered only after the conductor is completely cooled.