A ground rod doesn’t have to be copper. It can also be a galvanized ground rods. After large shrinkage cold drawing processing, the tensile strength is enhanced, and the toughness is maintained, and the outer coating is firm. It has the strong corrosion resistance and good electrical conductivity. The copper layer bent 180 degrees does not crack and peel. The quality fully conforms to international standards. It can also be customized according to users - diameter, zinc layer thickness, length.

Advantage of Galvanized Steel Ground Rod:

1. The zinc layer and the steel core form a perfect molecular bond. When the rod is put underground, it will not bend or break.
2. The zinc layer is uniform, and the steel core has high tensile strength and good toughness.
3. Complete rod body, there will be no warping, cracking, disjointing phenomenon.
4. Good electrical conductivity and stable electrical performance.

Applications of Galvanized Ground Rods 

Zinc plated rod is widely used in power plants, substations, transmission line towers, communication base stations, airports, railways, various high-rise buildings, microwave relay stations, network rooms, petrochemical plants, oil depots and other places lightning protection grounding, anti-static grounding, protection grounding, working grounding, and so on.