Lon grounding rod is a kind of high-tech lightning protection grounding product, which takes small area, low construction difficulty, lasting and stable drag reduction effect as the technical breakthrough point. Its unique ion slow-release technology and anti-corrosion performance make the grounding resistance reduction effect continuously improve and tend to be stable at the optimum value. It is suitable for different geological conditions, especially for all kinds of places with higher grounding requirements and greater difficulty in grounding engineering, and has superior performance-price ratio. This product is widely used in AC, DC workplaces, safety protection in the field of equipment of the communication industry, power system, building system, military facilities, transportation system, banking system, computer system, radio and television system and other industries.

Lon grounding rod filler is a non-toxic compound, which has no pollution to the environment. The construction of the project is simple. When the construction conditions are not available outdoors, it can also be installed and used indoors at the bottom of the building. The unipolar occupies only 0.1 square meters. The tolerance of construction conditions is especially suitable for use in cities with dense buildings. The grounding resistance decreases gradually after the slow-release filler is embedded in the conductor. The grounding resistance reaches a stable value within half a year to one year, and the slow-release process can last for up to 30 years. The products fully meet the requirements of UL, NEC, ANS, IEC, BS and other international standards for grounding equipment protection.