Copper bonded ground rod is a kind of high-quality low-carbon steel with good softness and carbon content of 0.10%-0.30%. The high-conductive electrolytic copper is evenly covered on the surface of round steel by special technology, and its thickness is 0.25-0.5mm. This technology can effectively slow down the oxidation rate of grounding rod in underground. This copper bonded steel earth rod can be divided into two kinds: single rod and combined rod. A single rod can be flat at one end. Threads on one end and one end of the roll need threads on the roll. Threads are processed by the groove of the roll thread, which keeps the close connection between steel and copper, ensures high strength and has excellent electrical grounding performance.

Application Site: Copper-Baotou Steel Grounding Material is suitable for general environment and special environment of damp, saline-alkali, acid soil and chemical corrosive medium. It is widely used in lightning-proof grounding and static electricity-proof in power plant, substation, transmission line tower, communication base station, airport, railway, subway station, various high-rise buildings, microwave relay station, network engine room, petrochemical plant, oil storage and other places, grounding, protective grounding, working grounding and so on.