In order to ensure the safety of workers, technical measures should be taken to ensure the safety of electrical equipment and power lines when they are out of service. That is, grounding wires should be installed in all or part of the outage electrical equipment to all possible calls, that is, ground rod wire is artificially connected to electrical equipment. Its function is to make the working place in the protection of "ground potential", and at the same time, it can also be used. Prevent the harm of residual charge and inductive charge to human body. When mis-transmitting electricity occurs, it can make protective action, quickly cut off the power supply, and prevent dangerous voltage and arc caused by accidental calls.
If the circuit breaker is repaired, besides disconnecting the disconnectors on both sides of the circuit breaker, a group of grounding wires should be hung on both sides of the circuit breaker. Similarly, earth ground wire should also be installed in the operation of power outage repairing on the line, which lead to the three-phase may short-circuit grounding on both sides of the incoming power, so as to protect the staff from electric shock.

Types of Short Circuit Grounding Rods and Their Application

Short-circuit grounding wire is a temporary grounding device used to prevent sudden calls from equipment and lines, eliminate induced voltage and discharge residual charge.

There are two kinds of grounding devices: combined grounding device and split-phase grounding device.
(1) combined grounding rods,due to the number of clamps and the length of grounding wires and the different voltage levels.
(2) Phase-splitting grounding rods, each set of three groups, each group is connected by conductor end clamp, section line and grounding end line clamp.