1. Reduce ground potential counter attack: The non-metallic material of FL series grounding module makes a relatively flat low resistance area between metal and soil with huge resistivity difference. When high current impacts, it can reduce the transient potential gradient of grounding body and grounding line, reduce step voltage and contact voltage, and reduce the probability of ground potential counter attack.

2. Reduce the contact resistance. The main material of FL series ground module is similar to the physical structure of soil. It can be combined with soil, so that the effective contact area between grounding body and soil is many times larger than that of metal grounding body. It increases the effective diversion area of grounding body and greatly reduces the contact resistance between grounding body and grounding body. Therefore, it can significantly improve the grounding efficiency and reduce the occupation of land by grounding network.

3. Stable grounding resistance; all series ground modules have strong moisture absorption and moisture retention ability, which can keep the surrounding soil wet and ensure the grounding module to play an effective conductive role; at the same time, the conductive properties of conductive materials ingrounding bodyare not affected by seasonal changes such as dry humidity, high and low temperatures, so they can provide stable grounding resistance.