1. Introduction of exothermic welding

Exothermic weld connection is scientifically based and is a new type of material developed by science. Exothermic welding uses the more active aluminum to reduce the copper oxide, and the entire process takes only a few seconds.

2. Scientific application of exothermic welding in grounding

Exothermic weld connection is an ideal connection method for copper-clad steel grounding bodies and copper grounding bodies. After many years of grounding experience, it is determined that the quality of convenient and fast exothermic welding is irreplaceable by any other connection method. Exothermic welding is scientifically based and is a new type of material developed by science.

The heat released by the exothermic welding reaction is enough to melt the ends of the wires to be welded to form longer-lasting molecular synthesis. The general formula for the copper-based exothermic reaction is: 3Cu20 2AI-=-A1203 3Cu heat (2735℃).

The exothermic welding technology has been tested by a number of test institutes and departmental product quality supervision and inspection centers, and has been applied to key projects in the power system. Before welding, carefully read the operating procedures for exothermic welding. Sharpen the knife without accidentally cutting wood, and prepare to do a better job with less effort. Clean the wire and the mold, and then heat the mold with a torch to remove water. Then put the wire into the mold and fasten the clamp to fix the mold. Put the cup-shaped solder into the mold: put the electronic controller terminal on the ignition bar: close the lid and keep pressing the button of the electronic controller for 5 seconds to ignite; open the mold and remove the steel cup. The welded joint can be seen. Remove the welding slag and wait for the next welding.