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Successful Cases of Copper Clad Ground Wire in Airport, Seaport, Hospital


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TN-C grounding system is forbidden to airports, sea ports and hospitals

TN-C grounding system's biggest problem is: if the zero line breaks, the zero line behind the break point because of the three-phase unbalance, its voltage will rise, up to the phase voltage. There is because of the load's shell protection to zero, so it will produce electric shock to the human body. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to use TN-C grounding system with copper earth rod in dangerous places, such as oil depots, coal mines, hospitals, transportation hub centers (stations, ports, airports), etc. This shows that zero wire is very rare in the present day. The grounding system of the distribution network in our daily life is either TN-S or TN-C-S.

Airport grounding system

The lightning protection grounding system with copper earth rod of communication and navigation monitoring facilities should be grounded in a common way. In general, the grounding resistance should not be greater than 4Ω. omnidirectional beacon station grounding device is appropriate to omnidirectional beacon station as the center, set up around its radiation type artificial grounding body.
DVOR, ILS monitoring antenna and heading antenna should be set artificial grounding body, and interconnected with the station grounding device with buried grounding wire.

Hospital grounding system

With the continuous progress of medical technology, in modern medical diagnosis and clinical treatment, medical electrical equipment and electronic instruments are increasingly used, the use of medical equipment in the process of electrical safety is particularly important, not only to prevent hospital personnel from residual current caused by the equipment injury, but also to ensure the reliable operation of the equipment. Therefore, the correct choice of grounding system for medical premises must be given sufficient attention in the electrical design.
In the treatment of medical electrical equipment and patient body contact is different, the occurrence of residual current fault injury to the human body is also different. In accordance with the requirements of electrical protection, according to the degree of contact between the components of medical electrical equipment and the human body and the impact of power outages on patients, hospital medical premises are divided into the following three categories:  
(1) Class 0: Medical places that do not use contact parts of medical electrical equipment, such as general outpatient consultation rooms, massage rooms, plaster rooms, pathology departments, laboratory departments, etc.   
(2) Class 1: Medical electrical equipment contact parts need to contact with the patient's body surface, internal (except for the parts described in Class 2 medical places) medical places, such as wards, treatment rooms, dialysis rooms, endoscopy, ultrasonography, imaging, etc.  
(3) Class 2: medical electrical equipment contact parts need to be in contact with the patient's body (referring to the heart or parts close to the heart), operating rooms and medical places where the life of the patient will be endangered after a power interruption or failure, such as operating rooms, intensive care units, emergency resuscitation rooms, cardiovascular angiography rooms, etc.  
In the above three types of places, 2 types of places on the high requirements of electrical safety protection, such places are basically high-risk patients or surgical patients, often running multiple need to enter the patient's body to treat and maintain the patient's life equipment, even if there is a small residual current caused by micro-injury, will produce great danger to the human body, but at the same time to ensure that the monitoring or surgery to maintain a reliable ground electrode system power supply. No power failure can occur due to the presence of a ground fault.

Seaport grounding system

With the continuous development of the port construction, the study of its grounding device related points highlights the importance. Better grasp the dynamics of grounding device design, construction, operation and maintenance, so as to ensure the normal operation of the port. The special nature of the port grounding device determines its various points of attention, and on the basis of fully grasping the favorable conditions, research and development of the most scientific and reasonable maintenance program.
Port lightning protection and copper clad ground rod grounding for the systemic engineering, should be a comprehensive planning and construction. Port lightning protection should be based on the average thunderstorm days in the area where the port is located, the importance of port buildings, the possibility of lightning accidents and consequences, to achieve overall protection, safe and reliable, economical and practical. Port lightning protection and grounding system design and installation should be carried out before the risk assessment of lightning strikes.