The product is new developed environmental protection exothermic welding Flux, easy ignite, not volatile, can be stored up to 5 years.

Exothermic Welding Flux Instruction

1. Put the welding Flux into the mould with pad in bottom. Keep evenly!
2. Put some Starting Powder evenly on the surface of Welding Flux; put the Ignition Cotton on the edge of mould, then put the reserved Starting Powder on the end of the Ignition Cotton, and leave one tail outside for fire. This design is based on safety. After fired, the operator can leave easily, no worrying getting burned.
3. Aim at the Ignition Cotton with the Portfire, one time ignition. After fired, the operator should leave the mould around 2 meters far away.

BSD Environmental Protection Exothermic Welding Flux is all equipped with the special Pad, Starting Powder, Safety Ignition Cotton and other necessary accessory.

Exothermic Welding Flux operations procedures

1. After cleaning the Welding Module and the welding conductor head, then put the conductor head in the central of the Welding Module chamber.
2. Close the Welding Module, and make sure putting the Metal Protection Pad on the bottom of the Welding Module smelter.
3. Pour the Welding Powder into Welding Module, and spread the Starting Powder evenly on the surface of the Welding Powder, then put the Ignition Cotton into the Welding Module.
4. Cover the Welding Module and leaving a tail of Ignition Cotton outside, then fire the Ignition Cotton with Portfire.
5. After fired, the Welding Flux Happens the high temperature reaction in the Welding Module.
6. After reaction and cool down, open the Welding Module, the conductor was already connected permanently.

On the spot where it was operated, make sure no flammable, no easy explosive article within two square meter range. No free man staying, the operators should wear on the heat insulated working glove.