Iraq's AEDEB project natural gas pipeline successfully put into operation

At 14:30 on March 8, 2013, local time, outside the wall of the Zubaidi power plant 80 kilometers away from the AHDEB oil field, the end of the natural gas pipeline of the Ahadi oilfield was vented, and the temporary gas torch was slammed. The fire dragon was sprayed and ignited smoothly. By 15:30, the natural gas pipeline index was qualified, and the owner signed the confirmation. At this point, the natural gas pipeline was put into operation successfully.

The Ahadibu gas pipeline supplies gas to the Zubadi power plant, the largest new power plant in Iraq. The total length is nearly 80km, the pipe diameter is 16", the design pressure is 4MPa, and the designed transmission capacity is 180x104 Sm3/d. The first station is located in the oilfield center processing station, the last station is located in the Zubaidi power plant, and there are three valve rooms in the middle, which are built by our company. The organization is put into production.

Natural gas is a flammable and explosive medium with low explosion limit and high safety risk in production. The project department and the owners of the project carefully conducted repeated demonstration and analysis on the natural gas pipeline production plan, and gradually optimized the plan. The company also attaches great importance to it, and the project management department organizes experts to carefully review and improve the pipeline production plan.
The successful commissioning of the natural gas transmission line has effectively alleviated the venting pressure of oilfield natural gas, marking the Ahmadab oilfield as the only comprehensive oilfield in Iraq that supplies crude oil, clean natural gas and LPG products to the society. While winning the approval of MDOC (Central Iraq Oil Company) and MOE (Iraq Ministry of Electricity), the project department also established a good image of the company in Iraq.

Iraq's AEDEB project natural gas pipeline

Iraq's AEDEB project natural gas pipeline