Railway (High-Speed Railway, Subway, And Other Electric Railway)

The application of lightning protection grounding in railway systems is also very important. In recent years, accident hazards caused by imperfect railway grounding have once again caused attention to lightning protection grounding of railway systems. The lightning protection grounding of the railway is mainly the grounding of the main railway line, the grounding along the high-speed railway, the special grounding device of the high-speed railway station, the welding of railway signal lines and so on.

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Part of the concept lightning protection grounding device 

(1) lightning receiving device: directly or indirectly accept lightning metal rod (flash catcher), such as lightning rod, lightning belt (network), copperweld ground rod, overhead ground line and lightning arrester.
(2) lead wire: used to conduct the lightning flow from the flash catcher to the conductor of the grounding device.
(3) grounding wire: electrical equipment, grounding terminal of the tower and the grounding body or zero line connection with the metal conductor under normal circumstances not carrying current.
(4) grounding body (pole): buried in the earth and direct contact with the earth's metal conductor, called the grounding body. Divided into vertical grounding body and horizontal grounding body.
(5) grounding device: grounding wire and grounding body general term.
(6) grounding network: vertical and horizontal grounding body composed of a drainage and pressure equalization effect of the mesh grounding device.
(7) grounding resistance: grounding body or natural grounding body of the sum of resistance to ground, known as the grounding resistance of the grounding device, its value is equal to the grounding device to ground voltage and through the grounding body into the ratio of the current in the ground. At the same time grounding resistance is also a measure of the level of grounding device.

Lightning protection grounding-copper earthing rod specification

Combine lightning protection grounding electrode and cathodic protection anode into one: In sacrificial anode cathodic protection, the grounding resistance of the anode is required to be as low as possible, which is consistent with the requirements of lightning protection grounding. If the cross-sectional area of the anode connection cable is increased to meet the requirements of lightning protection grounding, it is widely believed that the sacrificial anode system can be used instead of the lightning protection grounding system, making the sacrificial anode play the dual role of cathodic protection and lightning protection. In the storage tank grounding wire or grounding network between the installation of grounding battery, grounding battery made of double zinc rod, usually double zinc rod are in the disconnected state, when there is a lightning strike or fault voltage, the fault current through the double zinc rod into the grounding network, the storage tank to play a safe protective role.

Corrosion prevention of copper clad ground wire

The parts of the grounding device that are prone to corrosion are mainly
(1) Equipment grounding lead wire and its connecting screws.
(2) each welding head.
(3) the equal pressure strip in the cable trench
(4) horizontal grounding body
Corrosion prevention measures
(1) grounding body using copper, copper-clad steel grounding body or hot-dip galvanized material.
(2) welding at the brush asphalt paint or silver powder paint; (3) the use of cathodic protection.
(3) the use of cathodic protection.

Grounding device to ground voltage and through the grounding body into the ground in the ratio of current. Lightning protection grounding resistance is the sum of grounding body or natural grounding body resistance to ground, known as the grounding device grounding resistance, its value is equal to the grounding device to ground voltage and through the grounding body into the ratio of the ground current. At the same time grounding resistance is also a measure of the level of grounding device mark. Lightning grounding role: one is lightning protection, to prevent damage caused by lightning strikes; the second is electrostatic grounding-earth electrode, to prevent static electricity generated harm. With the increasingly widespread application of storage tank cathodic protection, its protection effect is more and more attention, lightning protection grounding specification and cathodic protection specification of the contradiction is also more and more prominent.

Railroad integrated lightning protection measures of copper clad ground wire

When lightning occurs, in the building electrical and electronic information equipment to produce transient impact overvoltage conduction path generally have three kinds: First, when lightning strikes at a distance, lightning generated transient electromagnetic field induction on the line, resulting in transient impact overvoltage, along the power and signal lines to the building equipment, resulting in equipment damage failure; Second, when lightning strikes the building, in the lightning protection leads around the generation of transient Electromagnetic field, it is directly in the building internal equipment and line induction transient impact overvoltage and bad equipment; third is due to the resistive coupling of grounding devices and magnetic coupling, lightning impact overvoltage along the line conduction to the adjacent buildings and lead to equipment damage. Therefore, for the above lightning transient overvoltage generated by the mechanism, the railroad building lightning protection should take external and internal lightning protection measures, namely, shunt, shielding, equipotential connection, grounding, proper wiring, as well as the installation of lines with the appropriate surge protector (SPD).