I. Product Introduction

Copper clad ground rod uses special electroforming technology  to evenly cover 99.9% of pure copper on the low carbon steel core, so that copper and steel core are completely molecularly combined (If the combination is not tight, when energized, a galvanic reaction will occur, and the anode metal iron will undergo oxidation reaction and become the loss of iron ions, which will accelerate the corrosion of the steel core). It has the characteristics of copper layer thickness (more than 0.25 mm), good adhesion and non-peeling (rolling thread). Its advantages are high tensile strength (up to 600 N/mm2), strong corrosion resistance (can guarantee the service life of more than 50 years),  constant low resistance and good plasticity. It has the same properties as copper performance and steel characteristics.


After the copper clad ground rod is deeply buried in the ground,no matter it is natural corrosion or electrochemical reaction, it has very strong protection. The welding powder produced by our company is used for exothermic welding between the grounding rod and the grounding wire, so that the grounding device is completely under the protection of copper and becomes a real maintenance-free grounding device.


Copper clad steel ground rod is equipped with coaxial connector, drive head and drill bit and other accessories. According to different geological and usage requirements, the length of cast copper ground rod can be increased arbitrarily by using brass coaxial connector (connecting bolt). The driving head (connecting bolt) is used to connect the item end for striking when the rod is deep. Special drill (connecting bolt) is used at the end to connect, so as to make the rod deep.


II. Technical advantages

1.Advanced manufacturing technology; with the latest electroplating technology in China, there will be no disconnection, peeling and cracking when bending 180 degrees.


2.Excellent corrosion resistance; thick copper layer on the surface (the average thickness is more than 0.25mm), strong corrosion resistance, long service life (more than 30 years), reducing maintenance labor intensity.

3.The electric performance is better; the surface copper material has excellent conductivity, making its own resistance value far lower than the conventional materials.

4.Wide application; the product is suitable for the grounding construction under different conditions of soil moisture, temperature and PH polar resistivity.

5.The connection is safe and reliable; use special connection pipe or exothermic welding, and the joint is firm and stable.

6.Convenient and fast installation, complete accessories, convenient installation, which can effectively improve the construction speed.

7.Increase the grounding depth; special connection and transmission mode can can reach 35 meters underground to meet the low resistance requirements in special occasions.

8.The construction cost is low. Compared with the traditional copper ground rod, the construction method of grounding strip greatly reduces the cost.