Copper clad welding wire has soft structure, large surface volume, good heat dissipation effect; it has high temperature welding with no residue and no corrosive phenomenon.


Copper clad welding wire is made of a certain number of copper clad steel single wires. Copper clad steel, as the name implies, is copper clad steel wire. Therefore, it is a composite wire wrapped with copper layer around the steel round wire. It uses the skin effect of low-voltage and high-frequency signals to walk along the surface in the high-frequency area, so as long as the thickness of copper layer reaches a certain range, the signal of a certain frequency section can be guaranteed to be transmitted. Copper plays a role in transmitting weak current signals, while steel round wire plays a supporting role. According to different methods of copper wrapping steel round wire, it can be divided into electroplating, cladding, hot casting/immersing and electroforming.The product has not only the strength and toughness of steel, but also the good conductivity and corrosion resistance of copper. Compared with copper single wire, it has the advantages of low density, high strength and low cost. It is the renewal product of traditional pure copper single wire.


Features of products:

1.Unique manufacturing process of copper clad welding wire; The material is manufactured by special process, which realizes the metallurgical molecular bonding and has long service life.

2. Soft structure, large surface volume and good heat dissipation effect.The copper layer on the surface is thick (the average thickness is more than 0.254mm) with strong corrosion resistance, long service life (more than 30 years) and no maintenance.

3. The electrical performance of copper clad welding wire is better; acccording to the skin effect principle, excellent conductivity and its magnetic conductivity are conducive to the diffusion and transmission of electromagnetic field.

4. Copper clad welding wire is safe and reliable; special connector or chemical exothermic welding is used with firm joint and good stability.

5 Convenient and fast; it can be made into soft state by special heat treatment, with large length and a large number of linear connection points reduced.

6. The copper clad welding wire is widely used; it is packaged in bundles or discs, with few connection points and convenient transportation.