Copper-clad steel earth rods are commonly used in lightning protection grounding systems. The common connection methods when installing copper-clad steel ground rods include physical connection and exothermic welding. The physical connection uses a grounding clamp, and the exothermic welding uses exothermic flux. Here is the welding method of copper clad steel earth rod.

Equipment materials required for exothermic welding of copper-clad steel earth rods

Graphite mold, mold clamp, exothermic flux, ignition powder, ignition gun, copper-clad steel welding material (copper-clad steel earth rod), etc.

Steps for exothermic welding of copper clad steel ground rod:

1. Derusting and moisture-proof treatment of exothermic welding equipment.

2. After preheating the copper clad steel ground wire, insert the wire hole to the center of the mold.

3. Close the mold clamp to the locked position, check the injection hole to determine whether the line end position is at the center of the injection hole, and then put down the thin aluminum sheet.

4. Pour in the exothermic flux, stir it and smooth it out, sprinkle fire powder on the top surface of the exothermic welding machine, leave a little fire powder to spread on the fire hole of the mold, and then cover the top cover.

5. Use a flare gun to aim at the igniting powder on the ignition hole of the mold to emit sparks, so that the igniting powder will ignite and cause the exothermic flux to burn.

6. When the metal is slightly solidified (about 10 seconds), open the mold clamp.