How copper-clad steel strands can be used for lightning protection grounding:

1. The importance of grounding copper clad steel wire

Copper-clad steel strands are also known as copper-clad steel grounding strands, copper-clad steel strands, and copper-clad steel strands are twisted by a certain number of copper-clad steel single wires. Copper plays an important role in conducting weak current control signals, and steel wire plays a supporting role.

According to different research methods of copper wrapping to steel wire, it can be mainly divided into electroplating, cladding, hot casting/dipping and electroforming. The product design combines the strength and toughness of steel with the good material conductivity and corrosion resistance properties of copper.

Compared with the copper single-wire system, it has the advantages of low value density, high strength, and low cost.

The copper-clad steel wire standard is strictly used in the wiring process. The normal 3-plug specifications are: left neutral wire, right live wire, with earth on it. If you can find a 3-prong jack in the dorm or outside the hallway, that's fine. If there are only 2 jacks on the dorm wall, there is nowhere to ground it. The neutral wire cannot be grounded. The simple way of the traditional electrician is to connect the water and heating pipes to the earth. They are all buried deep in the ground.

2. Application of copper-clad steel strand

Copper-clad steel strands have been used for a long time. Copper-clad steel strands are used for telephone transmission and are widely used in many industrial control systems and places with large interference and long transmission distances.

The local area networks that we use widely today also use twisted pair. Twisted pair cable has the advantages of strong anti-interference ability, long transmission distance, convenient wiring and low price, so it has been widely used. This kind of twisted pair transmission equipment is cheap, very simple to use, does not require professional knowledge, and does not require much operation. It is installed once and works stably for a long time.

The price of video transmission equipment of copper-clad steel strand is very cheap, not only does not increase the cost of the system, but when the distance increases, the price is greatly reduced compared with coaxial cable.

Copper clad steel strands are widely used and can be adapted to soil conditions with varying humidity, temperature and pH. The installation is quick and minimally invasive, which greatly improves the construction efficiency. The heating welding mold is carefully designed and manufactured by professionals according to the different connection methods of the conductors. Under normal use conditions, each mold can be reused 50-100 times. Every connection point is beautiful, neat and consistent.